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Sedona Basketweaver & Fiber Artist

Since her move to Sedona,  Shirley Eichten  Albrecht's basketweaving has evolved from weaving primarily traditional baskets to more sculptural art incorporating Raku, gourds and antlers to create stunning wall hangings and sculptures. She is continually intrigued, inspired and challenged by the materials that she works with, the surroundings where she lives and other basketweavers. Her Rainbow Series is one example of where it began as an experiment with color and form and then saw many changes.


Her art has always been an important part of her life beginning as a child growing up in rural Minnesota. She would draw landscapes, people, anything. She then got a very small camera and used that to capture her family and surroundings.  It was natural then for Shirley to get a degree in Art & Music from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.  She taught Art & Music in Minnesota and Art in Dallas, Texas as well as developed a freelance art business before moving to St. Louis, Missouri. 


Albrecht-Earth, Wind, Fire Raku
Shirley Working
Albrecht-The Hunter
Albrecht-Young Maiden
Albrecht-Small Braided Rainbow Basket

Her journey into basketweaving began while living in St. Louis. What started as a hobby, weaving with her friends in her basement lead to teaching basketweaving in the local Basket Supply shop, but soon it became a passion.  She now teaches in Sedona and has conducted workshops across the country.

Shirley co-founded a Basketweaving Guild in Sedona and St. Louis, is a member and President of Verde Valley Weavers and Spinners Guild in Sedona, Arizona, Fiber Artists Sedona, the Sedona Visual Artists Coalition, Sedona Arts Center, and in addition to the Missouri Basketweavers Guild, Intermountain Weavers Conference, and the National Basketry Organization (NBO). She has attended conventions, taking classes and learning new techniques from Basketweavers across the United States.

Her award-winning work has been exhibited in juried art exhibits and galleries throughout the country.

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