Welcome to a new way of experiencing art and artists in the beautiful lands that inspire and challenge them.

Each art tour will take you to visit three artists in their studios or stunning plein air locations. Artists discuss their backgrounds, inspirations, challenges, techniques and specific stories about different pieces of art.

Tell us of your specific art interest, and contact us for our current line up of artists, or let us choose one of our favorite fun and diverse tours for you.

Each Artist lives in their own world and that world will be opened to you, the art lover.

Our tours last for about three hours and we charge $75.00 per person.

(tax and gratuity not included)

photo by Rusty Albertson

We were on a trip in Sedona in May and did an art tour with Tatia and Sedona Art Tours. It was one of the most memorable things of our trip for me! We visited Pamela Becker, Dee Winklestern and Steve Simon in their studios. I learned so much and they were all so welcoming. Each of their styles was so different but they are all incredibly talented and their work is clearly done from their hearts. Tatia was so accommodating and the best tour guide around! I highly recommend this tour for any art lovers out there!

Erin Gamache

Franksville, Wisconsin

Tatia has to be the best art guide we have ever met. From San Francisco, I have two daughters, ages 14 and 12, and the three of us have been modern art collectors for several years. We have used Tatia the past three years in a row and it has become of the days that we look forward to most when we visit Sedona. She meticulously plans our outings so that we can see new and exciting artists right in their studios and home work spaces, and peppers our travels to and from the studios with a rich history of Sedona and its sites. She recommends fabulous places to eat and amazing places to fulfill our other hobbies, like precious stone collecting. We adore her and can't say enough about her as a person. She could not be more pleasant, fun, inspiring, open and interesting. I wish I lived in Sedona so I could be her best friend. I cannot recommend her enough. Guaranteed amazing day!

Megan McNealy

San Francisco, CA

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Art tours in Sedona Arizona AZ

Each 3 hour tour consists of visiting the artists in their homes and/or studios. Hearing firsthand stories of inspirations and reasons for locating to Sedona, along with observing the artists "create" is an incredible experience. While traveling along the tour route you will also enjoy hearing local history, geology, legends and fun information about the flora and fauna found in Sedona.